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Padgett NC - Lepage Assoc. - Client of the Month - November, 2015 -
In life, we all face many challenges in which introspection and internalized problem solving may not be enough to help us get through our most difficult issues.

Every now and then, it can be supremely beneficial to seek the help of a trained professional; someone who can take a look at our issues objectively and find a positive and motivating approach to help us work through our problems.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself”
George Bernard Shaw (Playwright)

At Lepage Associates Psychological & Psychiatric Services, with offices in Durham, Raleigh and Chapel Hill, Dr. Tina Lepage and her talented team of clinicians offer comprehensive services in psychology and psychiatry and help clients with targeted problem-solving through a solution-focused philosophy. Adopting playwright George Bernard Shaw’s motto of “life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself,” Lepage Associates helps people to move forward to new plateaus of self-awareness, self-actualization, happiness, and sound mental health.

Meet Lead Clinician and Business Owner: Tina Lepage, Psy.D.

Padgett NC - Lepage Assoc. - Client of the Month - November, 2015 -

Dr. Tina Lepage, the founder and business owner of Lepage Associates, comes from an accomplished educational background that gave her the foundation to be the successful business owner and clinician that she is today. With a Bachelor of Science in Child Development and Family Relationships, a Master’s in Management, and the Doctorate in Psychology that led to her becoming a licensed psychologist, Dr. Lepage worked very hard to position herself to be a leader in her field.

When first venturing out for herself, Dr. Lepage moved to North Carolina from having lived 12 years in Washington, DC, without any firsthand experience as to what the booming Triangle area was really like. Through strategic market research and adeptness in getting out and meeting new people, Dr. Lepage was able to quickly adapt and move forward with her small-business goals. Forgoing attractive offers for interviews with the some of the area’s most prestigious and well-known universities, Duke and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Dr. Lepage continued with an independent desire to find her own way to help others.

Padgett NC - Lepage Assoc. - Client of the Month - November, 2015 -

Throughout her journey in developing a practice that would make an impact in the community, Dr. Lepage expressed she has been very grateful for all the support she received along the way. She mentioned that the steadfast support of her spouse made every bit of difference, along with the many mentors that gave her valuable assistance and advice. Dr. Lepage also attributed a unique year as part of the Bell Leadership Roundtable, led by Dr. Bell of the University of North Carolina, to be a very important part of her professional development.

Dr. Lepage received the unique and distinguished opportunity to attend this exclusive roundtable with 11 other business leaders from around the U.S. and abroad; “I gained insights into both business structure and creating culture that were invaluable,” commented Dr. Lepage. Currently one of her greatest supports is being a member of Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO), where business owners share their experiences, provide emotional support to one another, and have learning events with world-renowned speakers.

While it seems typical the desire to be one’s own boss is a huge motivator for most small-business owners, Dr. Lepage noted she always liked her bosses and the places she worked and was not motivated at all by wanting to be her own boss. Rather, she was more focused on the creative aspect of finding a way to do some good in the world; for over twelve years in the Triangle, she has been doing just that. The success of Lepage Associates goes to show that time and time again, when a small-business owner genuinely moves forward with something they are truly passionate about, the clients will respond and organic growth will result—this seems to be very evident for Lepage Associates.

Padgett NC - Lepage Assoc. - Client of the Month - November, 2015 -

A Group of Specialists, Team Connection, and Reliable Outside Services

One thing that really sets Lepage Associates apart from other practices is that they have grown together as a group of specialists. On their full-time staff, they have a number of talented psychologists and LCSWs who specialize in varying areas such as marriage and family issues, anxiety, depression, trauma, substance abuse, eating issues, social skills, children, teens and other areas. Given this wide gamut of specialization, they have truly earned full-service status.

Dr. Lepage also described that while there are a “gazillion therapists out there, less people do psychological testing,” and Lepage Associates happens to possess a comprehensive testing center; they conduct a full range of educational, psychological and forensic testing for all ages. An interesting aspect that has garnered Lepage Associates statewide attention is their unique Forensic Division. As one of their many services to the public, they provide evaluations for family, civil and criminal court cases. Recently Dr. Lepage was even honored to be brought in as the forensic expert in military court.

Internally, a strong positive sense of team amongst the clinicians has been key to the way Lepage Associates chooses to operate. While the clinicians have positive relationships on a day-to-day work basis, they also offer days in which to show gratitude for one another. For over eight years, Lepage Associates has offered an annual staff appreciation and team building day that involves spending an entire day at the local Umstead Spa, being pampered. “No ropes courses or seminars for us,” Dr. Lepage said, lightheartedly. “Spa day seems unique, and we love it!” Enjoying happy hours and family days together also keep them connected.

Padgett NC - Lepage Assoc. - Client of the Month - November, 2015 -

Dr. Lepage places high value on her staff and outside support services, to which she attributes much of her success. LaKisha Harrington is the office manager at Lepage Associates, and Dr. Lepage is lavish in her praise of Ms. Harrington for keeping everything running smoothly so that the clinicians can focus on their psychology and psychiatry work. Dr. Lepage also places very high praise on her talented staff of professionals. “The team is clinically astute, very helpful in supporting one another, and fun and silly, too, which makes for a great workday!”

When it comes to outside services that help the business stay functional, she has also been very grateful to her long-term accountant, Scott Scarano, of Padgett Business Services in Durham, NC. “Scott has been great; before we used Padgett we used a larger CPA firm. They were nice enough and very pleasant, but over the years there was no personal relationship [like at Padgett]. Scott was also able to instantly save me lots of money in taxes. There is a big difference from an economic perspective to have an accountant pay attention to your details!” Lastly, Dr. Lepage places high value on her dedicated social media specialist, who also happens to be one her best friends from her home state of Maine, Cheryl Holmes. “In this current society, you cannot live without social media. Having her fully dedicated to our online presence has been highly beneficial; she is very in sync with the vision for our company.”

Padgett NC - Lepage Assoc. - Client of the Month - November, 2015 -

Growth on the Horizon

With the long-term success of the main Durham office, Lepage Associates has recently added a satellite office program where people are able to open a Lepage Associates office and spearhead the operation. Recently, two individuals trained under Dr. Lepage have ventured out to spread the Lepage Associates high quality of service. A new Chapel Hill office opened in August and the brand new Raleigh office in September of 2015. Dr. Lepage is expecting lots of new growth and she is looking forward to learning how to effectively assist these new ventures, as the Lepage Associates name continues to spread as a community staple in psychological and psychiatric services.

Padgett’s 3 Wise Questions

If you could bake a success pie what are some of the key ingredients?

“Work ethic, hard work, being teamwork-focused, possessing a positive attitude, kindness, being thick-skinned, mentorship, a thirst for learning, and a little capital never hurt, either! Though the money comes when you have the other ingredients. I want to stress mentorship of those older and wiser who have gone before you. People have a habit of asking colleagues, family and friends for advice, often times resulting in advice coming from same-age and same experience-level peers who really don’t know much more than you do. My advice is to look to those who have advanced far beyond you for your advice, listen, and don’t become defensive when they tell you what you are doing wrong! Blazing your own trail is fine to some extent, but learning from the successes and mistakes of those who went before you is just smart and logical, and results in greater success. In both my personal and professional life I seek out people who are far more advanced than myself for advice and mentorship. I do balance that with asking for help from peers too; a key is gathering lots of perspectives.”

If you could go back in time to the beginning would you do anything differently?

“Of course, I would probably change some things small and some things large. One learns through experience, so it would be just silly not to change some things if you could. I would have hired administrative staff sooner. I also would have used a full-time employee model sooner. Additionally, I would have even instituted family days sooner, which a clinician here, Dr. Nina Solanki, started recently and have been a great success.”

If could have lunch with anyone living or dead, who would it be and why?

“I love travel and politics, so probably one of the great icon newscasters who covered international events.”

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Padgett NC - Lepage Assoc. - Client of the Month - November, 2015 -

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