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Monthly and Quarterly Accounting Services

At Padgett, we know you have more important tasks to do then keep your own books. Our Padgett Business Services Accounting takes the burden off you so you can focus on growing your business.

Income Statements

An income statement, also known as a profit and loss statement, adds an itemized list of all your revenues and subtracts an itemized list of all your expenses to arrive at a profit or loss for that period. We provide management consulting based on your profit & loss statement. This allows you to:

  • Track revenues and expenses so you can keep your eye on operating performance.
  • Determine what areas are over-budget or under-budget.
  • Identify specific items that are causing unexpected expenditures.
  • Track dramatic increases in product returns or cost of goods sold as percentage of sales.
  • Determine your income tax liability.

Financial Reporting

Leave your business financial reporting to us. We’ll make sure it’s organized and government compliant. We input your records into our system, which allows us to analyze and advise you on any small business issues. You receive complete information each month, so it is available whenever you need it.

  • We input your records into our system, which allows us to analyze and advise you on any small business issues.
  • You’ll receive complete information each month, so it’s available whenever you need it.

General Ledger

The general ledger is the core of your business’s financial records. These records make up the books of your system. Since every transaction flows through your general ledger, a problem with you general ledger can throw off all your books. Our monthly review of your general ledger system allows us to identify any discrepancies such as double billings or unrecorded payments. If we discover any issues, we will make the corrections so that your books are always accurate.

Government Compliance

When it comes to government regulations, we’ve got you covered. We make sure you are completely compliant when it comes to business and tax laws. When policy makers address small business issues, we see to it that they are educated about what is important to our clients. We help educate government officials and tax agencies on the small business issues that mater most to your business. In turn, government has repeatedly come to Padgett for our small business expertise.

Specialty eCommerce Accounting Services

  • Sales and Use Tax Calculations
  • Inventory Management Solutions
  • Online Sales Channel Consulting
  • Accounting Integration with popular CRM Systems
  • Sales Analysis for PayPal, Ebay, Shopify and Square Transactions broken down into categories for proper AP/AR statements

Business Advice

We’re always here to answer questions and offer sound advice that gives you the competitive edge.

  • We provide in-depth analysis which factors in your present status as well as future goals, so you can make fully informed decisions.
  • Our exclusive Padgett Reality Check Report™ performs a comprehensive data comparison of your business with others in your industry, so you can improve performance and profitability.

Are You a Small Business Owner?

We are experts in small business accounting, tax, payroll, bookkeeping & financial services. Let us help you grow!

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